Other Birds


The most recognized songbird in the world is the canary. These wonderful singers can be traced back 400 years to the wild green canaries of West Africa. Males are the singers and sing to 'court' a female. These lovely songbirds need roomy cages out of drafts in well lighted areas. Their needs are minimal and with good nutrition, a clean environment and plenty of love and attention from their families they will fill your home with joy and song.


These little Budgerigars, commonly known as 'budgies' have great big personalities. Budgies are the most popular pet birds in the U.S. They are easy to keep, easy to tame and even easier to love. Small and colorful, these little creatures love a nutritious diet rich in veggies and greens. These active little bundles of color love their families and love lots of colorful playthings and swings.


The cockatiel is simply a mini cockatoo with a couple of distinctive differences. One, the 'tiels are vastly less work and much less expensive than the 'toos'. Also, the tiels are a whole lot less troublesome and noisy. Cockatiels are beautiful, gentle and fun to be around. Tiels enjoy fresh veggies, a variety of seeds, dry cereal, scrambled eggs as well as cooked pasta and rice and a sprig of fresh millet. Toys and swings are a must for these busy little characters. These wonderful birds make excellent 'first birds' for any household.

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