About Parrots

Parrots (also known as psittacines) are birds that are found in most warm and tropical regions. A common characteristic of a parrot is their curved beak.  Parrots come in a wide range of colors including the Cockatoo species which come in all white as well as black.

Parrots eat seeds, nuts, fruits & vegetables (some also eat insects and small animals). The Lories and Lorikeets also feed on nectar from flowers.

Birds are the third most popular companion pet, just behind cats and dogs. However, being the parent of a pet bird is not for everyone. Be sure to do lots of research and fully understand the commitment before bringing a parrot into your home. Some of them can live as long as 80+ years, so be sure you are ready for a life long commitment and beyond.

There are presently 352 species of parrots as recognized in "Parrots - a guide to parrots of the world" by Tony Juniper and Mike Parr. Please click on the species names to the left for pictures and descriptions of some of the more common pet parrots.

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