The Bird Shoppe Products

Our store is a unique and exciting place to find a new addition for your family as well as to find wonderful and healthy foods and treats, toys and supplies for your feathered pet.

We carry ABBA, Higgins, Kaytee,Sun Seed, Pretty Bird, Crazy Corn, Scenic Pellets and an extensive selection of Zupreem Pellets.You will find a large selection of unsalted nuts (in and out of the shell) and a variety of dried fruits.

We also have many brands and styles of perches, Pumice Perches... Twister Perches...Polly Pastels Cement Perches....Natural Wood Perches, Sand Perches....Manzanita Perches and a varied assortment of wooden dowel perches.

We carry Corn Cob Bedding as well as Pine Shavings. We have a wide selection of swings for Finches to Macaws. Our toy selection also accommodates any size bird. Our toys are safe and colorful as well as fun and entertaining. Happy Huts and Birdie Buddies keep your little pet safe, snuggy and warm.

We have breeding boxes, nests and supplies for the breeder. Different size carriers and travel cages are kept in stock, as well as shower perches, replacement cups, ceramic bowls, treat cups, stainless bowls, bird baths, seed guards and water bottles.

Our cage selection is wide....Blue Ribbon Cages, HQ....Hoei....Prevue are a few....we keep many sizes and brands in stock at all times....we also have stands.

Playstands are available to accommodate the smallest to the largest of birds.

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